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About the programme

ROBOVEDA, organized by The Robotics Club- SNIST, is one of the most awaited robotics symposiums in the nation. It is a feather, that the institution is proud to have on it's cap. Robotics enthusiasts from across the country turn up in large numbers to experience a rush of adrenaline and bag all the exciting prizes. Through success and failure, we, the team ROBOVEDA, pull off an extravaganza, creating memories to cherish throughout the lives of everyone involved,

Ever thought of being an ambassador! If you have the traits to be one, ROBOVEDA brings you this to put yourself to what you are! Become what you intend to! Be the star to lead the (campus) efforts of one of the Nation's Largest Technical Symposium in your college!

Showcase your passion for robotics in your campus and be the torch bearer of the (young) generation.

Procedure to become the ambassador:

  • 1) An online registration form must be filled
  • 2) Confer with our coordinators via the phone
  • 3) Get selected! Start rocking!

Here's the registration link

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  • Publicity

    You will publicise ROBOVEDA 2018 in your college. Tasks will include: Displaying the posters of ROBOVEDA 2018 (within 2-3 days of receiving them) on College bulletins and notice boards, and publicizing the events of ROBOVEDA 2018 on Social Media channels by sharing and posting (in different groups).

  • Co-ordination

    Help in organizing workshops and presentations in your campus while our publicity teams visit your college

  • Leadership

    You will be the face of the contingent from your college You inherit the responsibility of getting maximum participation from your college


All eligible Campus Ambassadors will get
  • Access to a network of student ambassadors
  • A Certificate of Appreciation
  • Cool Merchandise
  • Prized Coupons
  • Entry to workshops and talks is free for you
  • Take part for free in any technical event

Contact Us

  • Sandeep Ravuri901-005-5907